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Daiken tatami (畳) is a type of mat used as a flooring material in traditional Japanese-style rooms. Daiken Tatami mat is made of Washi ( Japanese Paper) whereas the traditional tatami mat is made of rice straw to form the core (though nowadays sometimes the core is composed of compressed wood chip boards or polystyrene form), with a covering of woven soft rush (igusa) straw.



Size : 820mm x 820mm x 15mm

Quantity : 2pcs/carton

Weight : ±3kg/pc

Country Origin: Made In Japan
Lead time: Approx 6 weeks upon deposit


Daiken Tatami Mat Mold & Ticks Resistance

• Water/ Juice Resistance

• Resistance to Abrasion

• Low VOC

• Anti-Slip

• No Chemical Content

• Non-de-colourization even exposure to sunlight

• Sound Resistance

• Long lasting

• Various Colors to suit your design.

• Able to Install as top mount on the flooring or underlay flush with the flooring.









Tatami Mat

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